Tuesday, 19 June 2007

A sight for sore eyes

There are some things I never thought I'd see, and a Spaniard climbing in the kilt was one of them. I think we agreed it suited Jose rather well, and it didn't seem to impede his climbing ability one iota!

Bit racey, flashing all that leg, don't you think??!

We had a fun evening. I hope Jose will take his new-found fashion back to Spain and treat the ladies there to it. I'm sure they will be thrilled! Shame we can't continue to have the pleasure of his company here too, but we wish him well for the future and hope to see him again soon.


Ian said...

But was he a true Sco... sorry Spaniard?

(enquiring minds want to know...)

alpinedreamer said...

Ah, now that would be telling, Ian. Far be it from me to part with such secrets!