Saturday, 30 June 2007

Unfinished Business

It struck me last night, whilst dithering over a decision to climb or not given the dubious weather forecast for today, that I've started lots of projects this year, but have left several uncompleted. Of these, I've come tantalisingly close to completing Friendly Fire (F7a, the Anvil), Jocks and Geordies (Font 6c, Kyloe In) and Red Rum (Font 6b+, Kyloe In). I've had a good shot at Dog Eat Dog (Font 7a, Bowden Doors), Green Traverse (Font 7a+, Stanage Plantation) and Shadowlands (F7c, the Anvil).

While it's good to have some things to work on, it's also frustrating to not be able to invest the time it takes to complete them. But life is full of Other Things, like Bad Weather, Jobs, Non-climbing Friends and Sleep, which at different times each take precedence over climbing. Even bad weather is necessary, to fill our reservoirs, water our crops, wash my car, remind us that good weather is good....

Other Things...

The good weather seems to have been and gone; it's frustrating that the long days should be rendered useless by rain. I'm looking at it sheeting down now and hoping that it rains itself out by tomorrow. Having done so much bouldering and sport climbing so far this year, I thought it was about time I put my helmet on and got back to some trad. In my usual fashion, I will start with the easy stuff so as not to scare myself silly. Tomorrow may end up feeling like a huge anticlimax if all I can manage is a VS, but I am sure that longer term it will pay off not to jump straight on E2!

Fortunately, Nigella's Dark Chocolate Loaf Cake is just out of the oven, so whatever happens tomorrow Everything Will Be OK.

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