Wednesday, 3 October 2007


One grey and damp evening, we retreated to our tents, everything looking as it should. Except, that is, that my tent was trying very hard to look like Caroline's. Maybe it is feeling too disguised, being green and all.

But lo, next morning, we find we have been visited!

We are puzzled.... maybe this is a sign that our 2 euros in Notre Dame only bought us a day and a half of sunshine (with 50 cents for the candle)? Is this our Guardian Angel? Are we losing our sanity? Please tell me you can see something too....!


Ian said...

Verily, the pixies play pranks
(though I'm not so sure about the beard)

Anonymous said...

Superman? Im surprised the tents still standing if it was! ;-)


Paul said...

Scary... very Blair Witch. Although he looks like a rather jolly spirit.

Anonymous said...


just wanted to say following your exploits with interest!! Guess I'm one of the "non-climbers" reading (I missed your poll... :-( ), but enjoying reading about what you're doing. Sorry to miss you before you left, hopefully we'll catch up when we're both back.

Happy climbing!