Sunday, 18 November 2007


Just a quick update on my 7a+ project, Delicatessen. Third redpoint today (when the route was in the shade) I finished it, keeping a cool head (for once!) and making sure I took every opportunity to rest. I fell of the first redpoint (so I guess that´s almost progress in itself!), and was shaking so much on the second attempt that I had to pull on the gear. It´s all a mental battle rather than a physical battle, and sometimes it´s difficult to tell which is hardest.

The third clip....the easy bit is over by now

Quick shake out before the crux sequence begins

So, Isadora next, or should I try something a little less brutal?!

It also seems to have warmed up a little today so I hope tonight we will not be freezing again.


Keith said...

Good effort Emma. So if it's 7a+ in November by my reckoning that's 7c by Christmas no? ;-)

Is "Isadora" the one up the smooth wall with loads of pockets in, starting on a ledge on the way round towards Anabolica? If so, get on it. I tried to onsight that years ago and only fell off twice so in your 7a+ enhanced state, you'll get up it no bother!

alpinedreamer said...

That´s the one, Keith! I think it´s supposed to be "hard" 7b though, so I´m contemplating one called Gurungos which is just along to the right of Delicatessen.

It´s been raining hard today and while the routes on that wall have been dry, my inclination to climb has been somewhat less! It feels a bit like Scotland here today (but at least a wee bit warmer!)


Hanna virrpanna said...

Nice to find your blog and read about The Delicatess =)

/The swedish girl who sent it after you