Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Wasting Time

Rooting through various boxes of collected junk (of which I still have plenty), I am sometimes lucky to find a little forgotten gem. It's usually something fairly insignificant which I kept because it meant something to me at the time. Just occasionally I find these things and realise they still mean something....so I continue to keep them. I suppose this is how I have managed to accumulate so many boxes of "junk".

Maybe it isn't really junk after all, it is a collection which reminds me that I haven't spent my life doing nothing and going nowhere. Today was one of those days when I needed to find some of my junk, and I found this: a birthday card.

It's only 3 years, not 20, since I was given it by some very good friends, but it reminded me to pull myself together and get on with doing all those things I really want to do rather than make feeble excuses for not doing them and otherwise procrastinate.


Iain said...

And a timely reminder for me too, thanks.

Perplexed why you labelled it under cake though, unless I need to eat some more :-)

alpinedreamer said...

Cake is a euphemism for everything that is good but not good for you! And you always need to eat more cake Iain ;-)