Monday, 9 March 2009

Winter Wonderland

Way back in late January we headed for the Peak District. It seems so long ago now, I forget why we went. With hope springing eternal, my chalk and shoes were in my bag as we wandered along the path at Burbage South.

I'm not quite sure where the hope to climb came from, since it was so cold that even through my super-mits the ends of my fingers were frozen and through many layers of SmartWool socks, so were the ends of my toes.

So I resorted to taking photographs by way of a distraction. The trees, covered in frost, were really beautiful in the stillness. We couldn't see very far, but we could hear voices through the mist. Very eery. I am always surprised at how busy the Peak District is, having been used to the remoteness of Scotland. It definitely has the feel of "National Park" to it, unfortunately.

Not much hope of climbing these boulders....

Setting up to film some atmospheric shots of Parthian Shot, Balance It Is and Dynamics of Change.

I know that grit is a dish best served cold, but this was a little extreme.....not that it stopped some people! The South Quarry held some hard core boulderers, braving the frostnip. We headed for Hathersage and the warmth of hot tea in the Outside cafe.

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