Monday, 9 April 2007

Two days in The County

Easter Weekend has been very productive! We spent Sunday at Bowden Doors and Monday at Kyloe-in-the-Woods. Bowden was windy and a bit chilly, but we managed a few problems, despite lacking a guidebook for most of the day. When we did manage a peek at a guidebook, we mis-identified our location and convinced ourselves we'd climbed Dog Eat Dog and the unnamed 6c next to it.
Caroline on the supposed "6b" problem

Ha ha. I thought it was a bit too straightforward for 6b. It turns out that we climbed two unnamed problems which come in at about 5b/5c. That'll teach us to a) read the guidebook properly and b) not to be so cocky!

Unfortunately, we have no idea which problems we did. No guidebook. We probably would have mis-read it anyway. Here is Caroline on another good mantle problem with a heel hook and a huge rock over:

Unfortunately, two days on sandstone doesn't come without war wounds. This was the result of a sharp crimpy problem that wouldn't have happened if I'd been tall enough to reach the big jug that was about 4 inches above my very best stretch.

Here are the two crimpy problems. The one on the right has my blood on it!

We did find some fabulous rocks though.

Monday at Kyloe-in was fabulous. Out of the wind, in the sunshine, we had the whole crag pretty much to ourselves. Badfinger (5c) took a bit of effort, and is (I think) much harder than Bad Company next to it (also 5c). I made some progress on Red Rum (6a), but still can't hold the top pocket, despite getting my fingers right in it. Next time...I just ran out of skin. Tonight, my fingers are very sore. I sense more yoga, more cake and less climbing this week...

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Ian said...

You are mad.... but not in a bad way.

BTW: There are lots of crags and outcrops around the Rannoch area - saw *loads*